MACHAR – gives new condition for states nominees

By Chany Ninrew

The main opposition movement SPLM-IO has revealed that they have completed the selection process of their nominees who are to be appointed at the state and county levels, but their names will be submitted once the Governor of Upper Nile is appointed.

In a press conference after a meeting attended by the First Vice President for Governance Cluster Dr. Riek Machar Teny in Juba yesterday, Puot Kang Chol who is the Minister of Petroleum and senior member of the opposition party said they are waiting for the appointment of Upper Nile Governor in order to form an inclusive state government.

“Yesterday, the SPLM-IO met in Juba under comrade chairman Dr. Riek Machar, the FVP of the Republic and we agreed that; the list of the SPLM-IO are ready for the formation of state leadership and we shall submit them as soon as the governor of Upper Nile is appointed,” Kang said.

He added that they have finished the consultation with the grassroots and that they are ready to submit their lists prior to the appointment of Upper Nile Governorship.

He said the issue of Upper Nile is hampering the progress of state government formation.

“We want to move forward, but Upper Nile is one of the states, you don’t have ten states without Upper Nile, and in the same way you will not have ten states without presence of all the states in South Sudan,” he said.

Kang urges President Salva Kiir to appoint Gen. Olony as governor in order to speed up the state government formation.

“We are therefore humbly asking the general public and everybody including his Excellency our President that we speed up the appointment of General Olony so that the people of Upper Nile are not left behind, they deserve to have a government like any other state,” he concluded.

However, despite a repeated disagreement over the appointment of Olony, there have been unverified allegations that President Salva Kiir has finally agreed to appoint him as governor of the oil rich state.

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