MACHAR-blames SSPDF for violating ceasefire

By Bullen Bala Alexander

First Vice President (FVP) who is also the SPLM-IO Chairman Dr. Riek Machar Teny, yesterday in his opening speech blames the South Sudan’s Peoples Defense Force (SSPDF) for breaching permanent ceasefire and cessation of hostilities agreements in the parts of the country.

Dr. Machar said despite the party’s commitment to implementation of the revitalized peace agreement there has been continues violation of permanent ceasefire and cessation of hostilities agreement.

“Breaches of permanent ceasefire and cessation of hostilities agreements in a number of places namely Maiwut and Maban counties of Upper Nile state, Wau County in Western Bahr el Ghazal State, Tambura County in Western Equatoria State, Kajo-Keji in Central Equatoria State. We hold the SSPDF responsible for these violations,” Dr. Machar revealed.

He made the statement during 6th Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) National Conference at Freedom Hall in Juba.

He said the action of parties allowing the defectors to join them made the implementation of permanent ceasefire in the country problematic as the violation continues in some areas.

However, the FVP did not point out which SSPDF is to be held accountable for violating the ceasefire and cessation of hostilities agreement but it was believe that forces belong to Lakuju who defected from SPLM-IO and joint SSPDF have been launching attacks on the SPLM-IO in the sides of Kajo-Keji areas.

He further mentioned that another violation of the agreement is appointment without consultation. Similarly, the non-dissolution of the I-TGONU National Legislature is itself a violation and these violations are clear demonstration of lack of political will and commitment to the implementation of transitional security arrangement.

He stressed that the present of holdout groups who are non-signatories to the agreement poses a threat to achieving sustainable peace and security in the country but Machar believes that the Rome talks will pave way for successful peace in the country.

 He however, called on the all the parties to the peace agreement to recommitted their commitment in implementation of revitalized peace agreement in letter and spirit.

 “I am pleased to announce to you that the SPLM/A -IO has completed its consultation and is ready from the end of this conference to form the nine state governments and counties,” he reiterated.

He said the only tasks that accomplished was the revolting the states from the thirty two to the ten states but the other tasks remained an implemented.

According to Dr. Machar there is need for the establishment of funds for the implementation of revitalized peace agreement and to be independently managed also call for the donor conference to support implementation of peace agreement.

He recommend all parties accountable for the action of the defectors that join them. 

“For us to have permanent peace in the country, we need to accelerate graduation of necessary unified forces and immediately commence the face two of unified forces and ensure timely provision of logistics to cantonment and training centers. “Ensure that the Rome talks are concluded successfully and call for the immediate appointment of Upper Nile State Governor.”

Accelerated the establishment of the following funds, special reconstruction funds, student’s funds, social security fund, women enterprise development fund and youth enterprise development fund according to the agreement.  

He said they are optimistic that peace shall prevail in the country. “I repeat we are optimistic that peace shall prevail,” he stated.

The 6th SPLM/A-IO National Conference was held under the theme Building and Sustaining Peace through implementation of R-ARCSS.

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