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Maban attack, ringleaders arrested

Humanitarian workers prepare to leave Maban after the violence (file photo):

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Authorities of Northern Upper Nile State said they have arrested some ringleaders who led an attack on humanitarian workers’ compounds in Maban early this week.

The incident led to the evacuation of over 500 humanitarian workers from Maban and suspension of operations by Doctors without Borders/Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) in the areas.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Northern Upple Nile Governor Deng Akuei Kak said that investigation in to the matter would start immediately since some of the organizers of the attack were already under their custody.

“We are going to do the investigations right away. We are going to put them to explain more about their violent attack on the NGOs,” Governor Kak said. “If there were issues of concern then they would have forwarded to the government in good manner.”

Governor Kak did not disclose the exact number of the youth leaders arrested but confirmed that the ringleaders were under the state government’s custody.

He disclosed that the demands by the Maban natives for equal job opportunities were supposed to be based on the NGOs policies in the area.

Governor Kak revealed that there were going to be no justifications if the NGOs Act in Maban did not allocate any percentage for the local community.

“We are going to use the policy of the NGOs which is the NGOs Act. If there are chances of the local communities then well, there will be no problem, if there is no allocated percentage to the local community. Their demands of positions will be based on NGOs policy,” Governor Kak stated.

Governor Kak discouraged the youth from being involved in harmful acts. He urged the youth to follow up issues systematically but not to take laws into their hands.

“As state Government, we don’t want youth of South Sudan to think of issues to do with violence. We don’t completely want such Acts. This was not good but I believe it will be corrected,” he stated.

“Youth are supposed to think of developmental ideas for the country not issues that can subject people to violence. Let us always think of how unity can be preached among the people, Governor Kak added.






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