The swearing in of parliamentarians as indicated to take place this week should not fail. So many promises of tomorrow have been uttered and given to the public without fulfilling or implementing the words. It is not too late to swear them in and have the work intended for service delivery to take off the ground. There are so many pending states and national issues pending that cannot be kept under the table forever. The number to take oath stands at 550 M.Ps all inclusive. It would be a defeatist undertaking if they will not provide the much needed services from them. The public expects a disciplined and effective august house that would cater for national interests. Not their own as the gap has started showing even before the swearing in of the legislators. They are already a let down to the appointing authorities who entrusted them to deliver to the general public in their respective constituents. Some of these M.Ps are not committed to their calls and wanted only to carry the prestigious title for their own benefits. People are suffering in the grassroots and need their voices to be heard through their representatives. It will beat all purposes if some of them will decide to live luxurious in big hotels at the expense of those they are supposed to work for. This scenario has happened before by some members. This expected new august house should be different by portraying positive and mature image of the respected members. The issue of having the whole or entire family living hotels should be avoided and be a thing of the past. There must be order and respect which should form the basis and image of the honourables. They should not abuse the mandates accorded to them by the appointing bodies to be their eyes in delivering the much needed service to the public.

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