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M-Gurush to launch international services soon

Mou Ambrose

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

M-Gurush Chief of Operations, Mou Ambrose Thiik said that they would soon launch Internationally Money transfer (IMT) on 18th of March 2022, as the services meant to send money across the border and also receive from countries like North America and Canada among others.

M-GURUSH aims to drive financial inclusion and economic empowerment by enabling enterprise development hence uplifting the living standards of the people in South Sudan and those in the diaspora.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Mou said that M-Gurush had stabilized the economic aspect of the country, through the decrease of demand in USD.

“M-Gurush has reduced the demand of dollar which has helped in stabilizing the economy of the country since one could now send South Sudan pound (SSP) directly to other countries without first buying dollar to send outside the country,”he said.

He also added that “Those days when a parent wanted to send money outside the country, they were forced to go looking around for dollars which increased the demand for the hard currency and the process was almost taking a lot of efforts from people. However, all this are currently addressed by M-Gurush? M-Gurushsends money in electronic forms and it is received according to the recipient country’s currency,”

M-Gurush allow Customers to be able to send their money digitally, either in US dollars or SSP, from their m-Gurush accounts. 

South Sudan’s pioneer mobile money platform m-GURUSH has now effectively ventured into the international money transfer business.

This is an innovative feature that seek to enable customers to conveniently send money across Africa and beyond. The service will benefit m-GURUSH customers, especially the business and trading communities sending funds from South Sudan to Kenya, Uganda and the greater East African region.

The international remittance service will enable m-GURUSH registered customers to send and receive money to several countries across the globe using mobile money.

This will further spur socio-economic development in the country and digitally connect South Sudan to her other East African Community counterparts.

The m-Gurush Mobile Money service is offered by Trinity Technologies Limited (TTL) in partnership with Zain. TTL is a local telecommunications company specializing in the design and development of innovative financial services, online transactions and mobile payment systems.

M-GURUSH is pioneer mobile money platform that provides a fast, easy safe and convenient way to send and receive money across the country.

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