m-GURUSH, Lulu Care move to empower women

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudan mobile money services m-Gurus has partnered Lulu Care to empower women who operate small to medium business enterprises.

This was demonstrated by the donation of over 400 solar lamps to women on Saturday at Mayo Primary School in Juba.

  m-GURUSH, a mobile money service provider teamed with Lulu Care, a national NGO which focuses on social empowerment for women and vulnerable children.

Speaking during the event Lulu Care Founder Madalena Ayen Parek expressed her delight about the partnership with m-GURUSH saying beneficiaries will experience progress and ease of doing business.

“Businesses will thrive since the women can extend their hours of business activities in the evenings, they can also save their earnings on their m-GURUSH mobile wallet.” She said adding that Lulu Care has been actively involved in women’s empowerment initiatives throughout South Sudan for the past five years.

“The aim of this initiative is to drive financial inclusion of women in business by enabling them to carry out business transactions and save their earnings using m-GURUSH.

“The Solar lamps will enable the women increase the hours of business allowing them to sell their goods and services for an extended period “Explained Mou Ambrose Thiik, the Chief of Operations in m-GURUSH.

He further highlighted that the solar lamps will improve the quality of life at home and children can also use the lamp to study in the evening.

Mou Ambrose Thiik, explained that the lamps are easily rechargeable and would transform the livelihoods of the business women.

“We also encourage the business women to take up the opportunity and become agents of m-GURUSH so that they can earn commissions through the transactions” Added Mou.

Cecilia Kiden one of the women who received the solar lamps appreciated the efforts of m-GURUSH and lulu care adding that she has been using candle to sell at the road side.

“I have been using candle which is always blown off by the wind to roast maize by the road side but with this solar lamp I have no worries”, said Cecilia.

Amou Getrude a pupil at Mayo Primary revealed how happy she was after her aunty got the solar lamp.

“I’m happy we will be sharing the lamp with my aunty, she will do her business and I will use in the night to read my books”, said Amou

The women were also trained by Chier Chier Maror and Rita Albert from m-GURUSH on how to transact using the mobile money service after registering. “I’m excited to see the smile on the women’s faces.” Rita Albert said.

m-GURUSH will drive financial inclusion and economic empowerment among the women thereby enabling enterprise development, new employment opportunities and uplifting the living standards in the communities at large.

Lulu Care’s mission is to attain gender equality in the South Sudanese society. The organization’s main goals are promoting the social, educational, economical, and political empowerment of South Sudanese women including advocating for women’s rights, eliminating discrimination against women, advancing women’s capacities and leadership skills, promoting their participation in the decisions that affect their lives, and amplifying their voices for peace and security at the national and global levels

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