Odongo Odoyo

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With Odongo Odoyo

The dream has turned into reality. The truth has come and the time is now. South Sudanese will lack no more the simplest and easy way of sending money to their loved ones in and across the country. Yes m-gurush has come to be and joined other mobile money transfer like the –commonly known Kenya’s m-pesa and both Uganda and Rwanda’s mobile-cash transfer.  I was thinking of which one of the two launches to attend then came to a decision that l will be in the two of them at the Freedom Hall for VIP on 12th this month and the following day at the Nyakuron Cultural Centre for the general public. One of my friends bought the idea of joining me in the chase like for two positions. Is it greed of what? Why did l really plan to attend the two functions? One, l did not want to be left out either way. If VIP were being registered for the service, l also wanted to be among them and when the following day it was to be for the general public l wanted to be there because that is where that mama mboga will be. I wanted to be in when the new history was being made. I have some grasp of knowledge on how m-pesa was born and how it later transformed the lives of many people across the world. In fact it became one of the leading revenue sources for the Kenyan government in taxes through a number of service deliveries. Today Michael Joseph and Bob Collymore (he died yesterday morning. May God rest his soul in peace), can stand back and see the benefit and the proceed they once dreamt of making come real. This is what one of the directors of m-gurush told me in an earnest discussion yesterday that one has to make a mark which will impact on the general public positively for a long time to come. He told me that people should not be selfish in initiating what can only benefit them individually but should be able to do more to and for the general public. We live in a world that people are forgotten immediately after their demise. The only thing one should do is do good to humanity and what one touches should remain a lasting memory for the good done. I was still in my world thinking aloud whether l have done something in this world that had impacted on someone positively. Yes, l must have done something good because my column though might not have been positive to some, there are those who appreciate it and want it to go on and on for reasons of educating the public, particularly our youth. I was then satisfied that l could attend the two functions of m-gurush at the VIP and public launches. I was qualified and would run shoulders with top notch in the public and corporate world to wish the project a permanent success now and in the future. Yes it can be done.

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