m-Gurush donates to Abeyi Victims

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

m-Gurush Mobile service provider through its Chief of Operation Mou Thiik has handed over relief items to the Abeyi community.

The relief items came as a result of quick response to support the people of Abeyi’s county of Kolom who were attacked last week.

The relief items included one hundred pieces of blankets, tents, Jerry cans and Saucepans respectively meant to support the survivors.

 While speaking to Juba Monitor, yesterday, Mou Thiik said that the donation is to stand in solidarity with the Abeyi people in the hard times.

“These are utensils that the people will really need like the plastic sheets for shelter, saucepans, blankets and solar lamps, this is just emergency support for the Abeyi people affected”, said Mou

Mou further explained that if m-Gurush was expert in medicine, they would love to also support in terms of medicine relief.

“we are not experts in medicine otherwise it would be good support but in believe other agencies can support our people in this trying moment”,Mou said.

Deng Nyol Kuol the Chairperson of Abeyi Youth Association in Juba appreciated the donations offered by m-Gurush and appealed to other well-wishers to do so.

“we are very thankful to the m-Gurush team for their support and through this our people will know that there are people who care for them and with this am sure the people of Kolom will be able to help themselves because they lost a lot”, said Deng

Deng added that logistic arrangements are to be made so that the relief donated can reach the affected people as soon as possible.

“we will make arrangement and this donation will reach our people before the end of this week and we also appeal to well-wishers who want to help to support”, Deng said.

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