Luri residents educated on Coronavirus prevention

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Community Initiative for Sustainable Peace Organization (CISPO) on Saturday conducted a Coronavirus mitigation campaign in Luri.

Last month, Community Initiative for Sustainable Peace Organization donates more than 50 boxes of sanitary kits to over 100 household including hygiene soap to vulnerable communities in Joppa area.

Executive Director for CISPO, Francis Woja Wani said the campaign aims to curb the spread coronavirus pandemic by providing necessary instruction for parents to help their children to deal with an emergency in light of spreading virus.

“Accurate information about COVID-19 is key to being properly prepared and protecting ourselves especially our children. Our teams will promote facts and provide trust that will guide communities in the ground within this difficult time, and I believe true information will save lives,” Woja said.

He added that during the campaign they learned that some people were to take the danger of COVID-19 seriously because awareness campaign help scatter misinformation about the COVID-19, while promoting precautionary measures including frequent hand washing and wearing facemasks.

One of beneficiaries, Betty Inna Alfred appreciated the organization for their solidarity and efforts they made during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

 “We want more training, not money from organization so that the knowledge we acquire from them will help us in our future. Some of us don’t know how to write but we want measures to be explained to us theoretically,” Inna she said.

Project Manager for Community Initiative for Sustainable Peace Organization, Adelio Ubur said the organization wanted to educate people on how COVID-19 prevention and how to mitigate the spread of the virus.

 “We have seen a lot of people who are always isolated. So far the organization is trying to organize entrepreneur training to equip them with skills and keep good records of the achievement especially woman who are illiterate,” he said.  

The campaign involves demonstration on how to use facemasks and how to properly wash hands with soap.

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