Lukak urges traders not to hike prices

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The South Sudan National Chamber of Commerce has warned traders across the country against hiking prices of basic commodities.

Ladu Lukak the national chamber Chairperson said it was not the time to think about making more profit while the whole country was focusing at coronavirus.

He said it was important for traders operating in the country to understand and bear with the condition the citizens were facing right now.

“Coronavirus has stopped many things in the country. Of course we want our business to grow but at the same time we want to help our people. This is why I am saying let us be mindful of our people in the country first,” Lukak said.

However, he said many people had been complaining because of skyrocketing prices in the market.

“If prices continue to rise from the current one, the vulnerable are going to suffer which is not a good way to do things.” he said.

“This time is not about making more profits. Instead we should think of how we are going to come out of this situation I am not saying give it free but you can sell it at affordable price even if you get something small it is better than increasing the price higher which many people cannot afford ,” Lukak stressed.

He encouraged people to continue to observe the guidelines given by the World Health Organization (WHO), Ministry of Health and National Taskforce.

“Social distancing and use of facemasks in congested place is the only vaccine available in the whole world today,” Lukak said.      

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