Luck is just a fallacy

By Ngor Khot Garang

If I still have my head, it was an American film producer in the name of Samuel Goldwyn who once said that “The harder I work, the luckier I become”. The quote explains the relationship between work and luck. In this case, work comes before luck and the miracle overshadows everything. The point here is very clear and it will remain so for years. Goldwyn has been a victim of physical abuse and he is one of the people who narrowly made it from poverty to financial freedom. Having been born to a very poor family where getting a meal was a prayer request, Goldwyn decided to change his situation for the better because he wasn’t going to be very lucky as we sometimes think.

But the opposite is true and I can be in its support even to my grave that we don’t become lucky but we make luck. There is no way in this world where you will be lucky without having to go through the process. It will never happen and I am very sorry if you are still one of the people who believe in luck. It is not bad however to believe in luck when you are doing something small for yourself, of course that is the beginning of everything.

We need to take responsibility for our lives and refuse to rely on others because most people are very weak to do that. I have the knowledge about how hard it feels to stand alone in the storm with your baggage but that is the beginning of your journey. A journey that will take you places with destiny as your only grave. And listen folks, the grave is a very lonely place and it is dark. Nobody would wish to spend his or her eternity there but we are conditioned to remain there for a long time that we cannot really calculate and that is why we should always be humble and treat others fairly and share most of the things we have with the needy because we are not going to be there forever. Now I am still not done with luck.

I understand that you are still believing that one day God will knock at your door and something will change for the better and I truly agree with you that this is hope and that is the reason why we are here but I want to tell you that this life is not unfair. It requires you to do something that will open your way but, in the process, we need to expect hurdles and a lot of ups and downs. You will get down on your knees to pray and it will be like you have done nothing. When you try to cry, the world will just laugh at you. When you try to get up, it will kick you hard and leave you roiling in pain.

That is the prize we must pay to reach our ultimate goals. Or you think the people who made it in this life were favored by goddess of luck? If you think so, you are very wrong. In Africa, many people are successful because they are corrupt and tribalism takes the other hand. But in real life, there are thousands of people who struggled single-handedly in the midst of daunting challenges to become who they are.  These people have nothing like luck in their vocabularies. They defied the odds and made histories.

Now as a young man, I know how it feels. We want everything now and we want it quick. A man driving a nice car, we want to be like him now. When we see a rich man, we want them to marry him. A successful young lady flying around the world and we feel like we are left behind but we don’t know what these people have gone through to reach where they are. Life is funny and we just need to be patience and humble. It doesn’t last forever and no condition is permanent. It will change for the better and your sun will shine bright one day.

You need to follow your heart and keep up the good fight.  You never know that what you are doing today is preparing you for something better tomorrow and don’t let me mention future here because I don’t believe in future. The future starts now and what you are doing now is what will write your future.  If you are a student, try hard to reach the far end of your studies because at the end of it is a complete success. Try not to give up easily and don’t believe in luck because what you are doing is what will make you lucky. God will never come from heaven and do everything on your behalf. You have to boldly stand up for it and ask God to give you the strength to carry on.

Thanks for reading Finding Hope…If you have been following this column, well and good… We are in this struggle together for a better and peaceful South Sudan.

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