Low wages forced teachers to go for greener-pastures

By William Madouk Garang

The Central Equatoria StateMinister of General Education & Instruction revealed that low wages has forced skilled teachers to quit government schools and look for greener-pastures with private schools and other lucrative jobs which resulted in poor grades.

Teachers were like other public servants who were poorly paid, a teacher working with government schools earn about SSP 1,500 to 4,000 per month and in most occasion their dues delays for months. 

Speaking to journalists yesterday, the state Minister of Education& Instruction, Ciriso Zakaria Lado said that capable teachers deserted government schools because of low payment and that was one thing which affected government schools performances.

“…low salaries, lack of incentives arethe things that created opposite migration and ledskilled teachers to quit government schools and join private schools because they are well paid.That is the main reason why private schools outshined (government schools) in their marks,” Lado said.

“Teachers in private schools receive SSP 30,000 or 40,000 and in government schools they receive SSP 3,000 and 4,000 respectively and those who were not hiredcome to volunteer,” he added.

He also said that issue of low payments had affected the entire country but with implementation of hundred percent salary increment for civil servants there would be a glimpse of hope. 

“English and Arabic were the poorly performed subjects in this year’s result,but I don’t want to hold anyone responsible.What I want to say is that all of us are responsible because if it was a success we all here to celebrate and if it’s a failure all of us need to accept that.Maybe the Ministry concerned didn’t do it best or the teachers didn’t performed well or student has nothing to give on these two subjects,” he cited.

“I really want to thank our teachers who defy all the challenges and they still offer their services to the country, this is really the spirit of patriotism they have really tried their best. We consider teachers as one of the civil servants who have sacrifices for their country,” he applauded.

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