Love only one wife or lover: Singer

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Love only your wife or a girl friend you have, Afro Zouk singer J Rock in his latest song has revealed.

He discribed his song as “sticking on one love is a true love” on his song also he metioned the word “no body like you” meanining true or real love.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview on Wednesday, the Afro Zouk singer who is said to be a  great singer among the musicians in the country admitted that he also sung a wedding song that  aims to educate the marriage couples.

My message in the song is very clear, one should stick in love meaning you should not go for anther one because of the challeges that I cannot mentioned,”said JRock.

J Rock explained that “No body like song” came  because several couples have been breaking up and the song is a remainder to those who might think of loving many.

“Remember the good days when you would tell your loved one that that there is no body like you, each time you have problems know that there is nobody like you one and only,”said J Rock.

According to the singer “No body like you video” is ready for viewers on all the social media platforms as J Rock plans to premier it offically to the fans.

J Rock is known for songs such as peace in South Sudan, girl child education and many others.

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