Love of money is the source of all evils

By Albino Deng Jauch

Money as the medium of exchange and business transactions is mysteriously linked to some many labyrinth procedural fraught, with difficulties including tussle to acquire it.

To make money is a real pitched battle in which you use all possible means available whether good or bad, in order to gain that dare devil after heroic sacrifices.

The ugliest part of such activities is at alter of gain, if you happen to have acquired a fabulous of that, the potential rivals around may feel envious when you are better off than the rest of the people in financial and monetary mass.

Use of money can spoil and mar social values of a dignified society. What is notable in our situation is that; in some institutions, top officials deny others of what rightfully belong to them because of their desire to amass more for themselves.

Now by extrapolating from the current economic crisis the country is experiencing, some members of our local communities may resort to unusual activities to enable them make a living, as this could be noted at certain orgies around some parts of the town.

Some men, who were leading luxurious life, now resort to becoming pimps to serve the wealthy ones in return for money, so as to cope with the pressing challenges of life by affording frugal living at the moment. Some housewives as hunger maintain tight grip on their children, have become paramours of other men in order to keep themafloat. In the same token, young girls became sex workers as hunger is ever-growing thorn prick from time to time to an extent that some households have to cut down on some meals. All such immoral activities boil down to love of money.

Drawing a logical conclusion, much more is needed to promptly address the current reality on the ground. We should not bury our heads in the sand like ostrich, in front of visibly encroaching menace.

It is undeniable that this tempting time, where our dear citizens grope through life on their own, there are gruesome stories of graft and corruption associated with unfair influence, used by weighty potent in public domain.

In a nutshell, I put it that love of money is the source of all evils. But in reality, the source of all evils is finding ways of fighting against hunger.

In that regard, Robert.T.Kiyosaki, a Japanese-American investor, entrepreneur and educator whose perspectives on money and investing fly in the face of convenditional wisdom has single-handedly changed mind of lay people about use of money.

He favorably argued, in his book titled: Rich Dad Poor Dad which was translated into 51 languages and published by Business Plus, Hachette, Book group in 2008, circulated and sold in 109 countries in the world, that love of money is not the root, of all evil but lack of money is the causes of the evil.

He further explained that working hard yet not earning enough to provide for our families is evil and being deeply in debts is also evil.

He has given stinging rebuked that fighting with people you love over money is evil including being greedy. Analytically, he substantiated that committing criminal or immoral acts to get money is evil but money itself is not evil. Money is just money.

By contrast, the rich and the poor alike have problem of money in the sense that, rich can not sleep because of having too much money which make him thinks too much: needing to keep it safe and invested, needing smarter financial advisor, raising spoiled kids because of extra luxurious living style the family leads, estate and inheritance planning and excessive government taxes.

Similarly, the poor have problem of money: not having enough money, rising cost of living, fear of emergencies, bad financial practice, paying more taxes and not enough retirement money and children school fees.

Too, proactively Steve Forbes financial expert advised that, enjoying financial security is to understand the system and how to make it works and gain financial intelligence. The more you know, the better equipped you are to prosper.

Likewise, Donald J.Trump co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad book said in the same book that one first step to getting richer by getting smarter with your money is to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

In the modern world of today, nobody on the inhibited earth that has no passionate love affairs with money, which makes thumbing majority of the citizen almost run a mock, and make them apply inexpressibly bad techniques of getting money like whoredom, becoming pimps, tramps, night robbing, burglar, embezzlement of public funds and grafter, pilferer, purse snatcher, bribery, and sodomy in some countries where it is legalized and become legitimate practice in exchange for money.

In sober sense, sometimes breadwinners take solace in drinks so as to drown their sorrows, which emanated from money problems. Thus, money issue remains forever source of all evils as the Holy Bible asserts.

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