Lou Nuer Youth Association Open-air Campaign kick-off

By John Agok

Lou Nuer Youth Association for development open air campaign has kicked off over the weekend.

The Electoral Commission have organized the open air campaigned with contested positions including the Chairperson, Deputy Secretary General and Secretary of Finance.

Speaking to Media, the Electoral Committee chairperson, Gatluak Khot Keat urged the contestants to rival in a bid to bring peace and unity in South Sudan.

“We are asking the public from South Sudan to emulate our example here and bring peace and Unity in South Sudan. We are saying that, Peace in Lou Nuer is the Peace in South Sudan,” he said.

Keat also outlined challenges and success they encountered along the process in organizing the elections and open-air campaign altogether.

“We face a lot of challenge in organizing this election through its open-air campaign and we are optimistic that every thing will be credible and fair,” he added.

Secretary General for Electoral Committee Mr. Younis Tut applauded the process of organizing elections and open-air campaign in transparency manner.

“We are optimistic to elect new leadership in the prospects of transparency as it kicked off with open air campaign”, he said.

Tut Wuor, Chief in Protection Compound (POC) lauded efforts exerted by Lou Nuer Community in organizing this process and vowed as a voter to choose wisely whom to lead the Youth.

“We are very confident to vote wisely the leader of Lou Nuer Youth that, will bring reconciliation and unity in the Community”, he said.

The elections will kick off on 4thDecember as the candidates were arraigned and grilled before the public in highlighting their objectives and leadership styles.

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