Lopit youth agree to coexist in peace

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

Lopit Youth in Torit Eastern Equatoria State have agreed to coexist in peace and harmony among each other.

This was revealed during the weekend following a general meeting meant to elect a new leadership in the association.

The members resolved to find ways of creating awareness on peace and resolve outstanding issues hindering development in Lopit areas.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, the newly elected chairperson of Lopit youth Association Mr. Taban Joseph Ubalino said the youth have not been focusing on their tribal and political affiliations.

“We have never been united, because there are some differences here and there, we have our own problems in general right from the ground to the towns.

We initiated this meeting for many reasons; for peace and unity for the people of Lopit and the state in general,” Joseph said.

“I would request the cooperation of the people in Eastern Equatoria with us because we will not work in isolation as Lopit youth but in collaboration to realize peace in our area and the state at large,” he added.

Haru Doroteyo Elia, a member said they have not been having any association to unite them and realize their dream.

“By then Lopit youth were not having any association at all and that is why we have decided to form the association, register it for legalization so that we realize our potentiality like other youth from different entities and communities,” Doroteyo expressed.

Laduna Imoya who is also a member of the association stated that some mobile services providers do not reach their area.

We are not coming here to discuss politics but we came for developmental issues in our area, many organizations used to go to Lopit to give services but they are not reaching to all the people of Lopit due to some differences,” said Imoya.

About 50 youth attended the meeting to form Lopit Youth Association that will be advocating for the youth issues in the State.

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