The looming effects of the border closure due to what is going on in the whole world, COVID 19 or Coronavirus, is yet to be felt. It is not just a matter of talking but people must be prepared to face the reality expected soon. While panic buying and storing should not be encouraged, there must be plan to have citizens be aware of the fate ahead and what to do should that occur. The closure of the border, particularly, Elegu on the Uganda side means there will be shortage of food and basic commodities, which normally come from the neighbouring countries. It will be worse if the country took the same direction. Being a landlocked nation there should be a way out to solve the pending questions. Protection of citizens against the outbreak or infection by the coronavirus is a must, which cannot be negotiated. The only fear is that closed border is yet another problem in itself which must be given priority and proper attention. How, must be found out immediately so that the flow of basic items into the country can be maintained. It is becoming so tricky to handle the current situation, which should be contained within the territory of soberness and deep understanding of human nature. Coronavirus is more dangerous and kills without hesitation. The closing of the border is yet another setback due to the effects of the virus. However, how to solve the situation must remain in the face and heart of experts to avoid any possible death from hunger or the disease. How the two situations would be handled should be the key note in the minds of the experts because both hunger and coronavirus are death traps to human beings. Days of long queues for petrol are no more. It is an experience which should not repeat itself. The door for goods and basic necessities should not be closed.    

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