Looking down people

By Akol Arop Akol

In the society people must be different whether in size, age, height and living standard, but there are those who failed to understand that our differences are not bridges to separate us from one another. They think when they have reached to a different level of life then the rest are not their class. They have once been at the zero level. They were once poor and uneducated and before them were people of different classes whose lives were better.

Climbing another step of change is a combination of your struggle, people support (Motivation) and the Blessing of God. There is no man or woman in this world who manages life alone. Your success should not let you oppress others. It is inhuman to treat others who are not your type or standard. The manners of some bosses who ignore and disrespect other people is a humiliation that must stop.

Whether the person meets the other in office or on streets, he shouldn’t have acted arrogantly like he owns the world. A stranger or visitor may have a mission and should be first welcomed with respect not just to ask what he wants or where he comes from. These kinds of questions frustrate people and when questioned like that, they would be annoyed and feel unwelcomed hence regretting for coming to the particular place or person.

Today if you want to walk to someone’s home or office, you have to dress smartly, put on suit and if possible use a car or a bodaboda, then they will know you have a good mission, maybe you are bringing something. But if you put on cheap clothes, shoes and go footing, they will first look at your head and then your legs.

They then look at the shoe and if you dirty then it is clear that you have been footing and then term you a broke visitor, obviously coming for something, of course for a help. They don’t know that knowledge, wealth and body appearances are different. You can be thin, short or ugly but you have ideas in the brain.

Nowadays I have witnessed that people who dressed officially and classically are mostly welcomed to occasions with due respect. But it is hard for some people who have no titles, ranks and visible materials like cars, money e.tc. They would look at you, if you have a big belly, you are classic, wearing suit and nice shoe and muscly huge they open the way for you.

You will hear words like Zol Kabir (VIP), welcome, go this side and have a seat. But when it is a young person, people especially those of services, the receptionists and the guards will look you down. Because you are dressed cheaply, they assume you are after seeking but not giving. Is it jealousy or hatred because of how you look?

Our society must twig to the ethical values of valuing everyone notwithstanding of their differences in age, gender or life standards. An elder must first respect himself such that the young ones can also respect him.

You cannot mistreat someone because he is young or poor, we are all equal before God. If one manages to live a better life, it doesn’t mean the rest can’t go to that stage. We are all made to succeed and be happy but because some people behave like they own the whole world, the unprivileged ones are disrespected, exploited and harassed and this gives them daily stress and worry which can affect the ways of their thinking leading to dispersed life.

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