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By Nama Juma

President Salva Kiir Mayardit last night announced the new look Cabinet of the Unity Government to take charge of the country’s Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity. The announcement came after a weeks of waiting and expectation from the general public.

The announcement  was made on National Television SSBC which gave the names of the incoming new faces and some of the old guards who were in the government before(Juba Monitor will bring you all the names of the new appointee’s tomorrow.

At hand as received are:-

  • 1. Hon.Martin Elia Lomuro –Cabinet Affairs
  • 2. Hon.Amb.Beatrice Khamisa Wani –Foreign Affairs
  • 3. Hon.Angelina Teny- Defence and Veterans Affairs.
  • 4. Hon.Paul Mayom Akec-Interior
  • 5. Hon.Stephen Par Kuol-Peace Building
  • 6. Hon.Justice Ruben MadolAro l- Justice and Constitutional Affairs  
  • 7. Hon. Obuto Mamur Mete-National Security
  • 8. Hon.Jemma Nunu Kumba- Parliamentary Affairs
  • 9. Hon.Michael Makuei Lueth –Information Communication Technology and Postal Services.
  • 10. Hon. Lasuba L.Wango –Federal Affairs
  • 11. Hon. John Luke Jok-East African Affairs
  • 12. Hon.Salvatore Garang Mabiordit- Finance and Planning
  • 13. Hon. Puot  Kang Chol –Petroleum
  • 14. Hon. Henry Dilang Odwar-Mining
  • 15. Hon.Josephine Joseph Lagu –Agriculture and Food Security
  • 16. Hon. Onyoti Adigo Nyikuac-Livestock and Fisheries
  • 17. Hon.Kuol Athian Mawien –Trade and Industry
  • 18 .Hon.Josephine Napwon Cosmas-Enviroment and Forestry
  • 19. Hon.Manoah Peter Gatkuoth –Water Resources and Irrigation
  • 20. Hon.Michael ChangJiek Geay Mut-Land ,Housing and Urban Development
  • 21. Hon.Rizik Zakaria Hassan-Wildlife Conservation and Tourism
  • 22. Hon.Dr.Daieu Mathok Diing –Investment
  • 23. Hon.Deny Jock Chagor- Higher Education and Instruction  
  • 24. Hon.Awut Deng Acuil-General Education and Instruction
  • 25. Hon.Elizabeth Acuei Yol-Health
  • 26. Hon.Babgasi Joseph Bakasoro-Public Service and Human Resources and Development  
  • 27. Hon.James Hoth Mai-Labour
  • 28. Hon.Peter Mercallo Nasir Jellenge -Energy and Dams
  • 29. Hon.Madut Biar Yol-Transport
  • 30. Hon.Simon Maijok Mijak –Road and Bridge
  • 31. Hon.Ayaa Benjamin Warille-Gender,Child and Social Welfare
  • 32. Hon.Peter Mayen Majongdit- Humanitarian Affairs and Disasters Management
  • 33. Hon. Nadia Arop Dudi-Culture,Museums and National Heritage
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