Long Suffering


By Akol Arop Akol


What brought jealousy

What brought ethnic division?

Is it because of scarce resources?

Is it heart of corruption?

And love for power?

Who wants to rule and who to rule?

Who wants to run and who to remain?

Who is robbing, killing or hating?

What is logic behind this immorality?


Are we still having that love of one people?

Do we know our national call as citizens?

To promote peace, equality and unity?

Oh South Sudanese

Where are you hiding all along?
Why are you keeping quiet?

Have you become powerless and speechless?

To defend your mother land South Sudan?


Ask yourself what brought the suffering

See these young born in suffering

They are growing up in suffering

They don’t eat, they don’t read because

No enough food and quality education


Should they continue living is this agony?

What have they done, Oh angels of God

You the elders are against their future

If you don’t be war makers

These children would be peacemakers


Rescue beautiful innocent God’s children

Where are you fathers and mothers?

Where are you guardians and others?

Show these young children a bright future


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