Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

First, l wish to condole with God’s people worldwide the sudden demise of TB Joshua, the renowned Nigerian evangelist who passed on last Saturday in his homeland. It is true that.  We are all going to go but only the almighty knows when and how. For this may his soul rest in peace. My main subject is the on-going land allocation in Amadi, Juba-Yei road. The Central Equatoria government has and is warning the general public that there is no official allocation approved by the state to anybody. The general public are being lured by unauthorized people who claim to be allocating the plots in bit after registration fee of 5,000 SSP and final payment of 17,000SSP. A number of people have paid the amount to the so called agents but the state government insist that they had not authorized verbally or written to engage in the exercise. In simple terms the state is not allocating any land through any system including token which they burned sometime back after the system was abused. What beats all logic is that even with the arrest of hundreds of people at the site or area and the warning people are still flocking the area for plots. Why can’t they heed the warning and wait for the right time and the right people if and when the allocation will be done and if the state government would have given green light for the allocation to take place. They are being told to stop because they are dealing with cheats and conmen. Those registering stands to lose their hard earned money in the name of plots. For heaven’s sake this is the government which is the key protector of the law and which should be happy that everyone yearning for a plot got one, but at the right time and orderly manner not through coning which seems to be going on in this place. People should be properly advised and taken through public education to know and understand what is right and what is wrong. The state government has even disowned the so called chiefs involved in the allocation pointing out their chiefs were not involved and were as surprised as other state government officials. The state should put its machineries into use and nab all those cheating the public out of their earnings. It cannot be taken for granted but if they go deep into the matter they might stumble on who is behind the illegal allocation and who is encouraging the collection of cash from those in need of the plots. Arresting and releasing some culprits are not enough. The root cause of the problem is somewhere and that somewhere is where the authority must look for. It is only then that those flocking the area will cease and the order will return. For those who have paid for registration with some more than one plot, they will soon have themselves to blame for not listening to the warning by state government.

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