LONG-Awaited legislators sworn-in

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Finally, members of the reconstituted transitional national legislature (R-TNLA) have been sworn-into office.

The reconstituted transitional parliament is made up of 550 members, while the Council of States is composed of 100 members.

Only 503 MPs of the National Assembly and 92 from the Council of States managed to take oath before Chief Justice, Chan ReechMadut at the Freedom Hall in Juba yesterday.

Speaking shortly after taking oath of office, Jemma NunuKumba the newly appointed speaker of the national parliament congratulated the newly sworn-in MPs for wining the trust of their various political parties up to the president and people in the country.

“As I congratulate all of you for winning the trust of your various political parties and that they have assigned you to represent the people of South Sudan in this parliament,” she said.

However, the Speaker said there were huge challenges ahead for the MPs saying to confront and overcome them the situation demanded political will and unity.

She said there was a need for all political parties to put their heads together so that they could collect and with open minds solve the country’s national problems.

“We as representative of our people we should look beyond political parties, tribal differences and focus kingly on the common good for all,” Ms. Nunu added.

She added that in an atmosphere of patriotism, brotherhood and sisterhood her leadership would engage in serious dialogue with tolerance, the spirit of compromise and respect to each other’s views to overcome the few condense issues.

“All in such a spirit we will solve problems amongst us and prove to the rest of Africa and the world at large that we are not a failed State but people capable of governing ourselves,” she emphasized.

She urged the newly reconstituted MPs to work hard in order to restore the hope of South Sudanese.

Nunu believed that if MPs worked collectively with good understanding among themselves, and recommits the traditional core values of the people, the country would move forward.

She further called on all MPs to lead by example adding that they should forget the past, forgive each other and work as one people of South Sudan.

She quoted the late Nelson Mandela of South Africa when he was released after 27 years from prison “I take no time to be bitter and no time to think about the past I only have time for the future”

Deng Deng Akon, Speaker of Council of States said South Sudanese had suffered so long and it was high time for the newly reconstitute MPs to get down to take the responsibility of the suffering of people.

He said it was upon the new parliamentarians to work hard so that people in the country could speedily trust what they were doing.

This peace agreement is the only hope for the South Sudanese and the full implementation of R-RACSS in the country.

“Our people have been suffering across the country as a result of delayed revitalized peace agreement, but now the formation of parliament has given hope of full implementing,” Mr. Deng said.

He said without Parliament and Council of State the government was not going to be a complete government.

Both the upper and lower houses were reconstituted by the President when he appointed Members of Parliament early last month.

The legislature is expected to enact laws that will assist the transitional processes, including reforms spelled out in the peace agreement.

The two houses are also expected to provide oversight and ensure the full implementation of the peace agreement and the constitution.


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