Loneliness in the World

The World is naturally a given place for us to live in. In this world, there are so many problems that one may encounter along the way and as humans beings, the task is now for us to make it a better place to live in and make it enjoyable in a rightful way that you want it to be. If you are not strong and determine enough, you can may developed heart complications and other related body pain due to overthinking and worries. So my brothers and sisters, let me tell you this, if you are not sturdy you can’t make it end. Because in this world there are some of your sisters and brothers who have missed their parents and they are living with their relatives or guidance on top of that God is still giving them strength to do what they were supposed to do. That’s why ‘they say that with God, all things are possible’’. So my dear brothers and sisters even if your parents are died, please don’t ever think of living your life in a meaningless and stressful style. The world we are living is full devilishly acts.

In this world, you can’t stay forever and ever but am not saying that you forget them forever no! Your parents were living with you before the departed to paradise but now they don’t exist anymore. The world seems like hell. Don’t think too much because they won’t come back to you not at any one point, they are no longer living a humanly life but they went back to the dust (soil) from where they came out. The past has gone but keep on thanking God for the give of life and protection he is ushering upon you now. It’s a chance to live your life meaningfully.

This generation of ours which is regarded as ‘Dot.com’ generation, meaning if you are not educated ‘my friend’ don’t ever think that there are people outside there who will sacrificed their precious time to look and take care for you. If you are blessed and gifted with skills and other related talents it’s now a high time for you to exercising them and reflect life in different angles. Know the positive and the negative side effects of all activities you are doing now. No one will say that you are an orphan, widow/widower, crippled or disable. Other people in this world will just see you, mistreat you damped you like rubbish. The will insult and give you heavy torturous punishment when they have power over you. They say that no smoke without a fire so my dears think about your future. Life won’t be well if you sit and expecting somebody to help you. Stand up for your rights. Stand up and follow your future goals. Life is like playing football. Be a runner and a kicker and life will change quicker. Good things come to those who wait. Try your best. If they don’t want to support you, just turn your heart away from their possessions and all their belongings. They are pretending that they don’t know you but by the time you become successful later in future, they will come back and say “This is my brother’s son or this is my cousin”. My brother and sister just think of what will benefit you to make those ones who want to go now, to come back to you and vow. Don’t ever think of anything destructive to your set goals and objectives which will prevent you from achieving your short and long terms targets. You have many things to achieve from your present age to adulthood. Even though you are still young, you have to outline your plans such as hunting for a well-paying job, good wife or husband. If you got no parents to make your wedding, you are then responsible for adventures in life. My dear brothers and sisters don’t try to think that you are alone in the world.

Even if you are living in pain and miserably, there is someone special to make you rise on your feet’s gain. Your will never fail if you give Him all your ways. You are not the only one with condition. There are those who have nowhere to live and food to eat and nothing to wear. You may be in need of clothes and scholastic materials such as books, pens and other valuable things you maybe lucking at the moment, ask yourself this question ‘what can I do to overcome these challenges’’? Your friends and some of the family members are working and getting money but they don’t want to stretch out their charitable hands and say “take this.” When you are a girl, they will just force you to cook, sweep and wash their clothes plus dishes but when you need something, they will tell you that they don’t have money. When the condition gets worse and worse you may choose someone outside the family like a friend to help you financially, they will start castigating their fingers immediately toward and start accusing of being a failure. They may say that you are spoiled or (whore). When you are matured, they handled you to rich people who are irresponsible in exchange of cows as if you are a bag of flour.

They like getting profit out of you while they have never took care of you when you were a young child. I wish those who gave their daughters to big people to stop that manner because it has caused harmful violations to young ones who’s their rights are not respected at all. May the Almighty God have mercy is upon them because they don’t what they are doing.

My Sisters and brothers, your life is in your own hands, make good of it or you spoiled it, and it is upon; it is not theirs but yours. If you let them spoiled it, God will ask about how you live it in the world by the time he calls you to Heaven. You have a right to reject their demands that don’t make you happy. Don’t let them confuse you. Today God is pleased with you and He wants to let you know that you’re a precious gift from above. Live more. Therefore, give him praises for His graces.

I wish God would help the orphans and refugees and stop all the escalating wars at all corners of the world. The Almighty would always provide His protection and you will prosper even if you walk through the shadow of death. Blessed are you who believe in yourself and your creator Amen.

By Akol Arop Akol

The writer is a high school student reachable via: akol.akol49@gmail.com

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