LOMURO-Kenya’s frozen account reactivated

By Bida Elly David

A Kenyan Bankhas finally reactivated Minister Martin Elia Lomuro’s frozen account that had been withheld frozen for the last three months.

This came after Lomuro was invited by the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) before the court to explain the possession for the cash allegation imposed on him.

According to the bank, the South Sudanese minister had declared the source of his controversial money which was frozen three months ago.

A Kenyan-Anti Corruption court judge Cecilia Githua determined that the source of Mr. Lomuro’s over $300,000 that was banked in his bank account was his income and rent money from his assets in Juba and therefore, the judge lifted the freezing.

‘’The applicant, Assets recovery Agency is satisfied with the explanation provided by the respondent, Martin Elia Lomuro on the source of funds. The applications dated June-2nd -2021, and July-6th-2021, are compromised and the order issued on June-4th -2021 is rescinded,’’ the court ruled

The ban was imposed on the minister’s bank account after Assets Recovery Agency submitted investigative reports to the bank suggesting that Mr. Lumuro was conducting malicious money transfers between multiple countries using the Kenyan bank as his middle ground for illegal transactions.

Furthermore, the agency proved their allegations before a Kenyan court in June in which they established that Mr Lomuro might have been involved in money transfer from South Sudan to Kenya and then to the United Kingdom for unknown reasons.

In his justification, Lomuro stressed that the case against him was a case against his country and that had brought shame and passive image to South Sudan and East Africa in particular which he was part of and which he was representing.

‘’The entire Republic of South Sudan has been tarnished and put in the dock that its most senior minister of Cabinet Affairs, who is well known and respected in the Country as well as in the East African Community is a money launderer’’. Lomuro reiterated

When contacted by Juba Monitor, the minister said he was in Nairobi and would give an elaborate statement on his arrival in the country today.

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