Lomuro congratulated for acquittal over cash transfer allegations

By Bida Elly David

The Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation EdimundYakani yesterday congratulated the national minister of cabinet affairs Martin Elias Lomuro for his acquittal over the case allegedly imposed on him regarding cash embezzlement through practical evidence he presented before the court.

During an interview with Juba Monitor, Yakani said the legal approach taken by Elias Lomuro was a symbol that he was acquitted of the allegation imposed against him. He added that what Elia did by facing the court of law was a symbol of transparency and accountability proving to South Sudanese and the entire world that he was not involved in embezzlement.

“I appreciate Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro for having proven to the world that he is clean through the court of law. He has really cleared our doubts that indeed he is a transparent and accountable Minister. We have been hearing many cases over money embezzlement by some ministers yet cases on accountability and transparency have never been experienced the way Elia did to clear his spoiled image,” he added.

Furthermore, Yakani urged other ministers to follow the footsteps of Martin EliaLomuro who truly took an initiative to respond to the invitation before the court of law to explain how he obtained the money frozen into his account.

However, CEPO Executive Director also urged President Salva Kiir to take absolute step to instruct the ministry of finance on unnecessary malpractices carried out on the money meant to benefit the public.

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