Lol residents urge gov’t to finish Nyamlel bridge construction

By: Kitab A Unanngo

Residents of Nyamlel in Lol State are urging the national government to complete the construction of Nyamlel Bridge to save lives.

According to residents, the Nyamlel Bridge construction work ceased some years back due to unknown reasons. The work began in 2008 when the County was part of defunct Northern Bahr El Ghazel state.

They said the Bridge connects Aweil West through north to neighboring Sudan where basic commodities are imported to the region.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on behalf of Nyamlel residents yesterday, Mario Dhieu Malek who is the Secretary General of Gomjuer Center for Community Association said many people have lost their lives trying to cross the incomplete bridge.

“We lost five people already. The most recent one is a woman who fell off and died when she tried to cross on the bridge. Not only human beings but animals are also dying,” Dhieu said.

Dhieu said the lack of bridge has resulted to sky-rocketing prices of basic commodities and goods in the market.

“The prices of goods in the market are very high and many citizens cannot afford because most of basic commodities imported from Sudan through Aweil east to Nyamlel are disconnected,” he said.

Dhieu appealed to the national government, International Non-governmental organizations and well-wishers to complete the construction so that services are provided to the citizens.

“On behalf of the community, I want to appeal to our government at the national level, organizations and well-wishers to finish the remaining construction of the bridge to save the lives of citizens,” Dhieu said.

According to Dhieu in 2008, the government initiated projects of constructing five bridges in northern Bahr El Ghazel State and four of them are already completed.

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