The emergence of Coronavirus has taken all the attention that the country is almost forgetting the recent and current existence of desert locusts. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has warned that the insects are posing threat to future food production and must be dealt with accordingly. Indeed Coronavirus is dangerous and everything must be put in place to combat its spread since no medicine has been found and tested that can treat the virus. However, locusts equally pose danger because they interfere with food production which is the lifeline of the people. Appropriate action should be taken to ensure the desert locusts are tamed by spraying or other possible means to remove them from any location or of the country. It means the government should be able to tackle the two issues which are threatening the lives of the larger populations. The authorities concerned should not take it for granted but should work with both local and international bodies in rooting out the locusts. When they came into being the government had put measures to ensure the insects did not damage crops in the field and greener environments. Those departments charged with the responsibilities of containing and controlling the locusts should not relax but continue to ensure the situation was brought under control. The general public should also play a role by reporting the existence or the location where the desert locusts are seen so that the authorities could move in and carry out the necessary action of removing the insects. FAO has sounded the warning it is now double prepared for the fight to remove the locusts in readiness for food production.

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