Locusts still a threat to crops –FAO

By Sheila Ponnie

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UNFAO) in South Sudan said the present number of locusts still remains a threat to crops.

They said it was a concern because the swamp was slightly bigger than it was expected.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, FAO Country Director, Meshach Malo said the organization has little knowledge on the whereabouts of the bigger number of the locusts.

“The size of the locust in the country is a bit high than the organization had expected maybe because the country is very big and there could be some locusts that have settled somewhere, where there are  no people and so there are no reports about it,” said Malo.

He emphasized that the desert locusts flew towards the side of Jonglei State towards Ethiopian border.

 “The issue is the vast area between which we don’t have reporters or we don’t have monitors. So that is the concern. We have sent a word for people around the area if they could have spotted them,” Malo explained.

“Now we don’t have an exact idea where they are, a few went to Terekeka, Wau and towards Jonglei but the exact area where they could have gone is what we don’t have any idea on,” he added.

He said recently they got the information that they were seen in Wau and they went there but did not find them. “We are expecting Lafon area, it is very difficult we don’t have people in this areas,” Malo stressed.

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