Locals urged to embrace peace

Captain Abwit in one of his song titled “Derin-salaam” is urging South Sudanese to embrace peace and unity for the country to develop.

“Derin-salam” is a song urging my fellow people to embrace peace and the spirit of unity for the country to move forward,” saying citizens are crying for peace.

“Everyone needs peace; men, women and children are crying for peace so that development can go into the rest of the country,” said Captain Abwit.

Abwit said peace is a vehicle for national development, which is what all South Sudanese want, saying that the rest of the countries in the world are what they are because of the peace prevailing in their country.

“Through peace, children will go to school, women will do their businesses and men will be able to take care of their homes. The farmers will go about their farming in order to feed the nation, without peace none of these will happen easily,” Abwit told Juba Monitor.

The song, “Derin-salaam” speaks about South Sudan being a country for everyone, with messages that no tribe is superior to the other; meaning, all South Sudanese are the same people. The song discourages fighting amongst South Sudanese and preaches the spirit of togetherness for the development of the country.

Captain Abwit who is currently based in Rumbek is a soldier by profession and started music in 2011 with songs like “Jeihina-Jumira” which was a revolutionary school song appreciating the independence the country got in 2011.

Captain Abwit whose real names are Mapuor Mangar said that he got his name from fellow soldiers who referred to him as white for the ways he behaved.

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