Locals commend residential areas campaign on coronavirus

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The residents of Juba have lauded the residential areas campaign on coronavirus saying that they were able to understand more on preventions after youth group embarked on awareness in the residential localities.

The six (6) days awareness on COVID-19 preventive measures was executed successfully as planned in the areas of Juba City.

At least over 60,000 people were sensitized on accurate coronavirus information to shun misconceptions, know signs and symptoms thus preventions.

Sarah Achol, a business woman in Gudele Two, Kuburi Aboba revealed that some of her colleagues who had not adhered to the preventive measures were now able to take the precautions very serious. 

“I appreciate these youth group for taking their time to enter the market where no one had come earlier. If there are other organizations that can take up and continue the program then it will be prestigious,” she explained in an interview.

She noted that there was a need for more hand washing containers at their reach so that they guard themselves from the virus.

“Though some people are very ignorant of coronavirus, then I believe people like us would want to protect themselves,” Achol revealed.

According to the businesswoman, she has constantly been buying reusable masks for her safety since the pandemic broke out.

“So I urge the government and well-wishers to buy masks to other business people who are ignorant of coronavirus and enforce must wearing order.”

The campaign was conducted by Okay Africa Foundation (OAF) through financial support from the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).

Thon James, the Program Officer at Okay Africa Foundation (OAF) said such campaign strategy was undertaken to disseminate the real messages on COVID-19 as opposed to fake news.

He stated that they were able to use running vehicles to cover the whole areas in the city with an aim of reaching out to locals who were not sensitized on the pandemic.  

“Our main agenda was to bring the translated messages to the people so that they can protect themselves from COVID-19,” James said.

Mr. James stressed that there is a need for more awareness to be provided to local communities since majority of the people are still ignorant on the existence of the virus.

According to the group, they would continue to educate the locals to cease from discriminating coronavirus victims.

James Joseph Lako, a marketer in Konyokonyo market said the awareness has equipped him with accurate knowledge on real information about coronavirus.

“This was a very good one; we were able to get more on COVID-19. So whatever we have been sensitized on will be put into consideration and make sure that we also help other people to promote local awareness on COVID-19,” he said.  

The areas covered include Suk-Malisia, Munuki, Hai Rokwe, Mauna, Thongpiny, Juba, Modiria, Ministries, Hai Commercial, New Site, Atlabara, Juba University, Konyokonyo, Hai Kosti, Jebel, Kuburi Aboba, Gudele and major markets in the town.

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