Local partner urges youth to leave political affiliations


By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon  

A local South Sudanese entertainment partner has urged all the youth across the country to stop political affiliations. He said that political involvement contributes to under development and hatred in the nation.

Jonglei Hall of Fame Awards managing partner Mr. Yuot Dut Akech made a comment at local entertainment industries  meeting in Juba on Tuesday themed ‘’How local entertainment industries can bring sustainable unity among youth’’

Akech stressed that the youth crossways the country should invest on their talents as main to generate living instead of political linkage.

‘’As youth let stop political affiliations. Let leave that habit since it will never help us. As time goes on, let  focus and use our talents, our gifts and knowledge to build whatever form of country we want,’’ said Akech.

He stated that the youth were to contribute to peace building in the country if they were to realize the fundamental goodness of their talents.

‘’If we youth realize the strength of our talents then it will help in peace building.  There is no proper justification as to why we can support destruction and conflicts among ourselves. We are one people and we are supposed to understand why we are on earth at this time,’’ He added

Akech emphasized that youth should do what successful people were willing to do in order to support vulnerable people.

‘’We youth of South Sudan are successful. We have knowledge and skills to bring our people together rather preaching conflict. Successful people do what unsuccessful individuals are not willing to do.  So don’t expect it where easier but should be were better to realize development in the nation,’’ Akech added

Akech appealed to the local youth to step aside allegations that do not meet progress and development of the nation and focus on build building initiative to bring about unity.

South Sudan team leader for SabiMessenger, on line Social Media platform for youth Chol Garang Kuol stated that the youth should discourage incitation and exaggeration of situations.

‘’If things are neither bad nor good then let us not exaggerate. Just know that we are heart of the nation. So Let us live as good people of South Sudan without borders. There will be time things will be good and some regret said words,’’ Kuol iterated

He called on youth to remain in unity and harmony to portray good image for their nation.

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