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Local NGO faces mounting pressure over unpaid arrears

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

A local Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) NEPDA is facing mounting pressure over failure to pay for the services delivered to them by various suppliers.

Latest information received indicates that there is a sweet- talking lady who was being used by the organization to lure the unsuspecting suppliers of different items to NEPDA.

However, Juba Monitor learned that the lady has currently gone underground after the matter was reported to police and in which the security organ launched investigations to unearth the truth. At one point the lady, who is a foreigner was arrested and later bailed out by one of the NGO members.

Among the suppliers crying foul are those whose vehicles were hired by NEPDA for one reason or another, the fuel suppliers, the generator suppliers and even those who worked and delivered food to the NGO during their organized seminars and to the offices.

The founder of the NGO Jonathan Atem denied the leveled accusations when contacted for comment and insisted that only their lawyer was privileged to talk on such matter.

It was learned that since February this year, the NGO had hired three directors in sequences. It was further learnt that as of Wednesday this week, police had summoned the directors of the NGO who had bailed out the foreign lady. It was not immediately known whether they honoured the summon.  The founder also denied defrauding a Thong-Piny based business woman for over 10,000 USD after organization’s failure to pay for a car hired for organizational activities.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Atem said his organization had its own lawyer and if there was anything within the company or misunderstanding between organization and employees the lawyer would be able to solve the problem.

“The accusation is not true and it is meaningless. It is meant to tarnish the image of the organization, as I speak to you now the right person to give you the right information is the lawyer from the organization but I will not give you contact until  tomorrow Friday, ”Atem Said.

Yesterday Cynthia Mbenya reported that she demanded arrears worth 10,100 USD from Nepda since the month of January this year 2019.

Mbenya said the organization took her car and promised to pay yet it has been 71 days but no payment has been made while the car suffered mechanical damage and dumped by the road side.

She added that the organization requested her to do workshop for 50 people for six days but they never paid her. “When I demanded money they said we are waiting donors and they also told me that they need someone to do strategy planning and I brought a consultant, he did for them, he wrote for them worth 3000 USD but they did not pay,” Mbenya added.

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