Local NGO defrauds businesswoman of 10,000 USD

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

A local Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) known as Naada has defrauded a Thong Piny-based businesswoman for over 10,000 USD after failure to pay for a car hired for organizational activities.

Yesterday Cynthia Mbenya reported that since the month of January up to date no payment has been made by the organization and she is demanding arrears worth 10,100 USD from Naada.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Cynthia Mbenya said the organization took her car and promised to pay yet it has been 71 days now that no payment has been made while the car suffered mechanical damage and abandoned by the road side.

“They requested me to do workshop for 50 people for six days but they never paid me, when I demanded money they said we are waiting for money from the donors.  Also they told me that they need someone to do strategic planning and I brought a consultant, he did for them, he wrote for them 3000 USD but they did not pay,” Mbenya said.

She added that “When I took my car and demanded my money they said they are going to clear me after two weeks, after two weeks became one month until they refused to pick my call,” she said.

Mbenya said she arrested Margret, a member of the organization who was bailed out by the company’s director on the claim that the money in demand would be paid.

She said, she was not the only one defrauded by the company but many people were also crying foul.

“I realized that am not alone, we were many who were cheated by this organization which says bring these bring this, bring that, we will pay but they don’t pay,” she said.

Mbenya said she reported the case to Police Public prosecute Attorney office but the case was adjourned to Thursday for final step.

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