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Local Government Board lacks staff and facilities, Official

Rose Keji Benjamin

The Chairperson of the Local Government Board has said that lack of adequate manpower and facilities like computers and other equipment has made it impossible for them to run the thirty-two states of South Sudan that were created by presidential decree.

Clement Khamis Komuyoagi said his administration has been facing difficulties because the staff-members they have are only for the former ten states and said he is eagerly looking forward for training of more staffs.

Speaking to the Media, Mr. Khamis said lack of adequate manpower coupled with the creation of the thirty-two States has incapacitated them and affected their work in the different states.

He said training materials like computers and printers are needed to facilitate the training of more staffs in order to have a well-equipped manpower to be sent to the states to improve work at local government’s level.

Mr. Khamis urged the National Government to help train more personnel to fill the gap created as a result of the creation of the thirty-two states because the staffs they have are only for the former ten states.

He said the local government has trained some personnel with the help of Juba City Council and the staffs are ready to be deployed to all parts of Jubek State. “They will be going for one month military training and after that they will fill the gaps in the local government at all the levels,” Khamis said.

He also urged the donors to support the government of South Sudan in the area of capacity building for the staffs of local government.

Mr. Khamis lamented that the current economic crisis has affected their administration, adding that if not because of the crisis, they would have trained more personnel to take up positions in the newly created states.





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