Local community engaged to fight poverty

Women and men during the training against poverty (Photo: Wek Atak)

By Wek Atak Kacjang

A local non-governmental organization known as Community Initiative for Sustainable Peace Organization (CISPO)has started plans to support and work with enlightened communities to influence policies towards fighting poverty.

The organization targets to solve challenges facing communities and train women groups to fight poverty.

Speaking during the workshop on Saturday, Mr.Francis Wajo Wani Chairperson of CISPO said the organization is working to aware people about conflict and how to engage the communities in fighting poverty.

“Our goal is to free people from suffering. We have a number of factors which can cause trouble like issues of land, family issues and education, health,”Wajo said.

He added that the organization is doing many things in communities.

“We have to build capacity of the people. As we grow up,we came to help poor people through workshop and materials,” he said.

He added that there were a lot of challenges facing communities. “If there is no school, poor road and water, the organization has ability to come and talk to communities,” he said.

Audelio Obur who presented about poverty said poverty is the condition of lack of resources, and lack of ability to support oneself.

He said in Africa or South Sudan,people who do not have money,not employed, and those idle are considered poor.

“Poverty is synonymous with destitution and it occurs when people cannot obtain adequate resources measured in terms of calories or nutrition to support a minimum level of physical health and school,”Obur explained.

Veronica Yosito Bandakuwe, Chairlady for Women Against Poverty said as women, they wanted to discuss and find out why women are the most suffering from poverty.

She said they thought it was better to form a group to train women how to fight poverty as well as promote peace.

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