Local CBO COVID-19 awareness to refugees

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

Community Empowerment for Creative Innovation (CECI) Ugandan refugees led organization is creating awareness about COVID-19 among refugees through local music.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, Patrick Chandiga Justine, the Executive Director of CECI Uganda, confirmed development in Arua city West Nile.

Chandiga stated that, the idea of the program aimed at increasing access to information about coronavirus to refugees and its prevention.

“Information about COVID-19 is only passed through Radios, TVs and newspapers not knowing that refugees in the camps are left out,’’ he said.

Chandiga added that it was only those who are in the urban centres benefiting from the messages on COVID -19 awareness that passed by the authorities.

“As a concern body, CECI a refugees led CBO with the support from Oxfam we decided to bring musicians for COVID-19 awareness songs that said, COVID-19  “It is real and dangerous” in six different languages aimed at reaching the refugees in the camps,’’ he explained.

He disclosed that, the organization involved South Sudanese artists from Uganda who sing in Dinka, Nuer, Arabic, Bari, English and Lubara as languages commonly used in the refugees settlement and by the communities in the camps.

Patrick further disclosed that, they have also toured radio stations with the musicians passing the same message of COVID -19 to refugees in the camps.

He urged the communities to follow the guidelines such as social distance, washing of hands and wearing of facemasks to prevent the spread of the virus in the camps.

 He urged the government of Uganda not to leave out refugees when there is support meant to prevent the pandemic.

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