Local artists told to work hard

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese female radio presenters have come out to refute the criticisms that they prefer playing foreign songs to locals.

Many times radio presenters have been blamed by local artists for not playing their songs but promoting foreign music in the country.

Juba Monitor caught up with some female radio presenters in Juba and this is what they said.

Carolina Jazmine aka Caro Ta Silver does the mid-day express on Capital FM and she said that it is all about hard work.

“Our artists have to work hard and trust me their songs will be played once it is qualified but if they are lazy, it is hard and they should remember that for their songs to be played it must be determined by the listeners,” said Caro.

Quin Viola of City FM revealed that the Junub artist should work hard every day and bring something new and make sure that the song they produce is better than the other.

“Our artists should strive at producing better songs each time they go to the studio and they should also make good use of the social media platform to promote their music to the world,” said Quin.

Supporting each other is one paramount aspect of developing the industry and with experience in the media. Quin strongly condemned some artists who like fighting each other instead of supporting one another.

For Mayleen Ayite of Radio One, it is all about creativity and bringing something new on the plate for the listeners.

“I urge our artists to be creative, be original, and be yourself, never try to copy and paste from any artist if you cannot do it better than him or her,” Mayleen said.

There are so many stakeholders in the music industry such as radio presenters, Djs, promoters and producers who play great role in the development of music industry.


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