Local alcohol, Ugandan Waragi banned in Twic East

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The authorities in Twic East counties of Jonglei State have banned the sale of local and Uganda waragi in the areas, saying alcohol was fueling conflict among communities at the grassroots.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Saturday, Twic Central County commissioner Dau Akoi Jurkuch said the communities should observe the order because alcohol had caused destruction in Twic East.

He said the order came after some drunken armed youth opened fire at the people in the market.

“We have come up with this resolution that the local alcohol must be stopped in the localities in Twic East,” commissioner Jurkuch said.

“No local alcohol shall be taken at the wedding, funeral or any public occasion and its existence in the area is completely punishable and not wanted by the authorities,” he added.

The commissioner warned that whoever shall be found drinking will do it at his or her risk saying this was one of the measures of conflict mitigation.

“We absolutely banned local alcohol for the people to remain safe and reduce the number of drunkards,” he added.

Mr. Jurkuch reiterated that the team to implement the order was already on ground to collect all the apparatus used for making local alcohol.

”Now the team is in the areas doing search especially in the areas of Panyiereng, Pawoi, Bapiny and Aliet to find out those who are preparing local alcohol in the areas. If one refuses to handover her apparatus then the law will take it measures,” he stated.

According to Mr. Jurkuch more than 400 bags of Uganda Waragi were set on fire following the announcement of the order and till now the authority was still burning the alcohol.

”Let us respect the law. Stop bringing Uganda Waragi; this is not the only economic activity in the areas. If you continue importing it you will be jailed according to the law.







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