Lobone community raises concerns over poor road

By Kidega Livingstone

Lobone community in Lobone Payam in Magwi County raised a concern over poor state of the road connecting the payam and Magwi headquarters.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in a telephone interview yesterday, some of the community members blamed the state government for not considering the rehabilitation of the road.

“We are cut off because the road connecting us with Magwi is impassable. We are also stuck with our produces especially grains because we could not take them to the market in Magwi town,” said Denis Okello Oyet one of the famers in Lobone village.

According to Okello, the farmers use motorcycle as means of transport to reach Magwi and other nearby towns in the county.

“The maize we have grown in the first season are germinating in the houses because we don’t have road to transport them to the markets. We actually blame the local government for not considering this road for reconstruction,” he added.

Meanwhile Ms Beatrice Agee Jackson said that in case the rain continues they will not be able to move from Lobone Village to other villages because most of the bridges along the road to Palwa and Pajok Payam were broken down.

“We are appealing to the government to respond quickly and start constructing this road because this is the only road that helps us in generating income. Business people used to come and buy our maize and simsim from here but now the road has cut them off,” said Agee.

Magwi- Lobone is 70 kilometers from Magwi town and it is the only road used by the business people, government and the community for any activities.

Lobone Payam is located at the border point of South Sudan and Uganda, it has Secondary and Health Center and the community in the area is doing the farming activities.

Contacted for comment, the member of parliament for Lobone constituency, Bosco Okumu could not be reached since his telephone number was not available at the press time.     

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