Living life with expectations

By Akol Arop Akol

There are some people who believe that life is a gift, given to them to enjoy with moral values that tribute to the Creator, and others think life is everyone’s rights to live the way he or she needs. While the rest are trying to please and live to meet the expectations of other people.

People living moral life are those who knows that there is a super power who decided to bring them into the World with reasons, which includes revealing of God’s Image, honoring and praising His creations, Showing peace, love and forgiveness to the World or the people in it. God loves the mankind; he listens and talks to them equally. When God wants to talk to His people, He uses natural events and people who are following His commandments to let human understand Him better.

People living according to the Will of the eternal father are those who obey the commandments and show love to the neighbors. Though they are not total righteous but when they are tempted and taken to dark path, they repent and walk in the way of light. Choosing light is the way to redemption. As there is no sin greater than the other, human beings must understand that the sins committed by all are sins that have judgment.

People who live life according to how they want it, think no relative, authority or Supernatural-being is above them. These are the people who do all forms of crimes and violence against humanity. What do we think of those who drink alcohols, take drugs, rob people and end up attacking, harming and killing their fellow human beings? They think life is only good to them; therefore, they can eliminate others whom they think are threats or competitors. And they enjoy the way they want without fearing the Sustainer who keeps them breathing in this World.

The bad thing is not what they do or take in their life for leisure, comfort or happiness, the worse behavior is victimizing another fellow. For example, a man would loot money from an innocent civilian and buys alcohol with it; he becomes drank and end up attacking and killing another fellow human. This can be termed as a capital sin, but still there is no small or big sin; all the sins deserve judgment but the committer has the choice to confess and repent to be forgiven.

People who believe that life is a once take-away gift, “I don’t care’’ is their slogan. They do everything that favors them not caring whether it hurts others or not. Those who are greedy and addicted to corruption think Country’s resources are only for the VIPs (the leaders in power) and they forget the suffering population.

People who live life to please others are those who don’t have confidence and definition of who they are. They were born and raised without a life passion and vision. Though God has destined every man and woman to fulfill a different mission in this World, some fellows don’t realize until it is too late and they regret wishing they didn’t live as followers or supporters of people (leaders) with selfness.

The third category of people can be narrated as ‘’blind survivors’’ who please their bosses at least to provide something for living. Their bosses also see them as losers or servants who will end up washing their clothes and cars, cleaning their offices and houses and fighting for their political positions. They brainwash them using money and let them attacks their enemies and innocent communities. I don’t understand here who will carry the wage of the sins committed.

As humans we must define ourselves in relation to life given by God. Each of us is in one of these categories. You are either living for the sake of God, for yourself or for other people. We have to make sure our living in this world is beautiful, peaceful and fruitful.

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