Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

In my class of thought and mind of refreshing, l have always believed that when someone has done his work he should be paid as the holy book clearly states. If you cannot be in this category, then find out what would be wrong or right with you. Time comes when we all must carry our own cross to “Calvary”. “We cannot rule out possibility of anything from happening”. This was a statement from one of the highest diplomatic circles, they predicted wrong and could be coiling in the cold or in limbo now that their expectations did not materialized. It is not always my intention to get engrossed in matters which are out of thinking. I like sharing with think- tanks. This piece of statement came at a time when the country is going through a peaceful transformation collectively and inclusively. Surprisingly, those who had predicted doom gave their local and international employees days off with advance payment to shop and not to report to work for between eight to ten days. As if this was not enough, international staffs were given strong instructions not to go at some other places and at some particular time. The notice went “we cannot guarantee the future” These two are very wanting remarks which cannot be taken for granted. The only thing was to expect the worst within and among us. Their expectations now remain unresolved without being accomplice to suit their intentions. Don’t get me wrong, but it is not good to wish others bad and expect to enjoy good within and among them. It is self-defeatist and wrong imagination of mind to direct or peck yourself into trivialities. One has to stand a strong ground of resistance to make it work that not haphazardly mooted for a cause. I have always advised that in every situation one has to know oneself and must be guided and directed by those inner-self feelings. This is how one can be able to make informed decisions and opinions of each situation which might be at hand and which could have been expected to be volatile by some quarters. Walking and working on straight line is one thing that has been ignored by many but it’s an ingredient that should not be left behind. It can shape one’s destiny and make it possible to succeed. This can only be witnessed when sycophancy and mediocre are not entertained in the midst of the public. One of my seniors in the profession said a man shadow goes with him everywhere irrespective of the destination of the location and that shadow will not show if it is white or black. The shadow is shadow.  Why then should some people have the notion of thinking that they are better and superior than others? Without the present situation of mirrors it is not possible for one to see his part of his back in life or in death. This should be a lesson to human kind that it is not good to live an artificial life. Be real and live real life.          

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