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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Today the body of the late Emeritus Archbishop of the Catholic Diocese of Juba, Paulino Lukudu Loro will be brought home from Nairobi to be laid to rest. There will be a lot of activities until the burial day which is scheduled for Monday. We at Juba Monitor are only asking God to rest his soul in peace and make him know that he had served his mission well in life.

Having passed my message of condolences, l have something from a third year student of University of Juba which l wish to share in totality with the youth and adults alike. This message was posted to me by a good friend on behalf of Ajuong Mungui Gaak, the author with the titled GENERATIONAL ADVICES “Life is too short, spent it wisely. The common global phrase “I wish I knew” is not an excuse to failure.

1. We witness here and there hearing from people who are led astray in one way or the other when they said Mr so and so that you see so successful there, was my classmate ( I wish I knew already said in heart).

2. The fate of active politicizing is not a guarantee that you are successful.  No matter how best you are in politics, learn and wait your time has not yet arrived. The premature politics of attacking personalities will leave other people ruined and others will miss their fortune. The energy you possess is very good if you turn it into doing positive things. Reserve yourself to rule your generation or choose to say “I wish I knew”

3. Human needs and wants are unlimited, adhere by the ethical code of conducts at any little job you got. Other educated one with quality papers haven’t got the opportunity that you got by using (Juju and Uncle connection) use it wisely or prepare for “I wish I knew”.

4. To our married daughters, sisters, and mothers, the pain of having mixed children is like walking in thorns especially in your aged times, no human being is perfect…learn to live with little imperfections of your partners to avoid victimizing the offspring.

5. To our beloved men with money intended for exploiting our innocent young girls, remember getting money is not a problem but how to use it! There is no gain in dipping into every girl. Its taste is natural sweet and remain same forever. I would suggest you marry one for good so that your consumption won’t be at losses and ruination of other people’s daughters. Dear girls, be a challenger and remain positive no matter what conditions you might face, never accept to be paid to be in bed to avoid saying “I wish I knew”.

6. To my colleagues with pens, keep it up, the dawn is almost seen. The race is long, zigzag and we will make it (Others made it). Let’s keep our hopes alive to avoid saying “we wish we knew”.

7. To Mr Jealous. I know you live in them, you are preventing them from succeeding… you order them to gossips, feel jealous and campaign against others to hate us. The wealth of the person whose spears are on his tongue never lasts. Selling people’s names earns no blessings and a Giant gossiper is Lucifer… you better start to say “I wish I knew”.

8. Where have we gone wrong?.. as you are reading this, ask yourself, where have you gone wrong… is the current life you are living satisfactory, do not mention economical parts. Thesuffering is not yours alone. Check your plans and imbalances… are all you are doing now in your plans to do?.. and if you have social issues then ask yourself am I good to all people or do I have troubles?Do I hate others of their progress, do I always ask why not me?Correct where you have gone wrong to avoid saying “I wish I knew”

9. Support other people’s dream, give what you have to where it is needed. Contribute both in family and society affairs positively. Learn to live exemplary and be a chief of your own self so that law won’t be your enemy.

10. Finally dine with kids. Cheers with enemies, forgive the wrong done to you and teach yourself self-discipline so that it plant patience in you.

Remember to seek opinions of your subordinates, suggest than commanding, guide than blaming, supervise than neglecting, give more and expect less, oppose none, reason before actions, speak less in sensitive issues, keep your hands clean in public funds and work hard at all times”.

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