Odongo Odoyo

By Ngor Khot Garang [GUEST]

To say that, don’t return us to war sounds just like a distant call from hell by a sinner who is serving his punishment telling everyone not to commit the same mistake or even more amazingly, from a man who has just been released from prison. You cannot go on a rampage asking people to choose between war and peace or nothing. They will think you are mad and indeed you are mad who uses the barrel of a gun to shed innocent blood. You are full of a complete fool. What do you think when you return innocent civilians into running, most of whom are tired of doing so for years running. Of course, war is not a zero-sum game, if the two parties don’t go home to count their losses that is not a war. For those who would want to return this country to war, may God shorten your days on earth. One thing remains certain and it is the rule of nature, if you survived the war you started, you should not forget that the second or third war will bring you to your grave. What this country has seen is enough of hell and a complete murder of the vision that brought us together. The power struggle is none of our business as the citizens and we don’t care who wins or who loses in an election or who the president is and who is not. This is complete none of our business, all that we need is a country that works for all the people of South Sudan and maybe at least security, good roads, transparency, accountability and respect for human rights. The rest depends on those who are vying for political power. And in case I forget, politics is politics and anyone can oppose or remain neutral but it should be on a man to man basis without reaching the innocent civilians. You cannot disagree on the same table as two sound-minded men or women and rush in annoyance, get an AK47, and employ it on the innocent people who struggle daily to put food on the table. If God was not merciful, you would all be dead. Sometimes I used to wonder when people celebrate World human rights day. At least if we are human enough, we would instead weep for those lost due to human rights violations. It would at least remind us of our wickedness. Don’t take us back, to zero, to war with ourselves.

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