Lighting up South Sudan with God’s word

By: Ngor Khot Garang

This country, South Sudan belongs to God and despite of the ills today; it will still remain on the top list of the most blessed countries in the world.

The word “blessed” will sound as an exaggerated synonym to anyone who has witnessed and experienced the long suffering and waiting for the people of South Sudan to see a country that has shed blood of millions changed to a better one.

Some people may simply wonder why someone who is mentally vibrant would with enthusiasm call a country that has been ravaged by war a blessed country.

But beyond what our eyes could see, there is a blessed South Sudan that when we put aside our differences and put God at the forefront, we would be able to see it more clearly and none of us would ever dare to disagree with the fact that this is the land that was ordained by God to be the donor nation to the rest of the countries in the world.

It even pains to see the level of poverty and number of people with nothing to eat in a land of abundance where you can live a better and prosperous life without working hard because that is how God has made this country to be.

I don’t want to sound pathetic or hyperbolic here but I must I admit that people who know the value of this country and how blessed it is can’t help holding their tears when they see the pain we are causing this beautiful land.

How long have we tried in our power to destroy this country and it still remains the same hoping that all the stones that have been thrown at her will be collected and thrown away and that the people will understand her great value and God’s vision for her and stop the game.

I was overjoyed and I hope thousands of South Sudanese have had the same joy on November 2nd, 2019 when South Sudanese woke up to a Saturday morning filled with joy and excitement as the members of Christ Embassy Church, under Pastor Chris Oyakilome with a slogan ” South Sudan is Blessed” took to the streets of Juba and distributed 10,000 copies of the world’s number one daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities to thousands of South Sudanese.

It was not an ordinary campaign and the faces beaming with hope  that I had witnessed during the Reach Out Campaign sums up to the fact that,  people needs something more than peace and that South Sudan is going to experience tremendous peace through God’s word.

The testimonies people gave and how they think this country would be if God’s word is given a chance will touch your heart.

Bakita Nora is a high school student and a beneficiary of the daily devotional,  Rhapsody of Realities,  she said since the war broke out in December 2013,  all the  good things she had hoped for inexplicably  turned to despair since her parents could not afford to pay her school fees  leaving  her faith unwavering.

But when she got the Rhapsody of Realities, she felt like God was calling her to dry her tears.

“Though my parents have narrowly managed to send me back to school, I still wrestle with my faith each time I see them struggle to make ends meet.

But this book, Rhapsody of Realities has given me a different perspective on life and I am now able to see things that I wasn’t quite sure would happen in my life like my relationship with God and a brighter future ahead of me.” She said with a broad smile on her face.

Nora said people have tried all the possible means to see peace in the land but all in vain because one thing is missing and that is the word of God in the hearts of men.

“Just imagine if we could all revere God   and see others as the same creatures of God, we would be able to turn this country around,” he added.

Nora believes that, it would not take long before the world see another version of South Sudan and people like her would be able to participate in the development of the  country without the fear of being pulled down behind.

“What I’m praying for is that this anointed book,  Rhapsody of Realities reach other parts of South Sudan not only  Juba because there are lot of people especially women without husbands and persons with disabilities  who are forlorn and without hope for tomorrow and they are thirsty for God’s word.

This book will give them a better understanding that God still loves this nation and that he loves them more”.

Rose Juan is a seller at custom market but as a widow she seems to be wearing all her problems on her face and a 5 year old child could easily read and interpret the pains written on her ever sad face.

When she was handed a copy of Rhapsody of Realities, she smiled and I guess that must have been the first time she had ever smiled in a while.

Juan said she had for a very long time sought refuge in Jesus Christ but felt rejected but this time she agreed that there is something worth living for.

“For me Jesus Christ is the only family I have but there were times my faith was defeated when I was pressed down by life that I felt like Jesus had completely forgotten me.

But today as I get hold of this great book, Rhapsody of Realities, I believe Jesus is going to wipe my face stained with tears and if I happened to cry again, they are going to be tears of joy,” she narrated.

The long civil war in the country and unforgivable economic crisis where most families live on one meal a day has left many South Sudan at the crossroads and with no vision of how to start life anew.

But as a result of Rhapsody of Realities, many people have testified about how their lives changed from the day they started meditating on God’s word.

Frank Ojangole is the Pastor of Christ Embassy Church in South Sudan, he said they have been taught by Rev.  Chris Oyakilome that the responsibility for national development is an assignment for every citizen not only for the government and as a church informing a citizen about God’s love for this country is their contribution to the national development.

“This country is still beautiful the way it was created by God and there is need for the people of South Sudan to have reason to believe in the future of this great country inspite of all the challenging times we go through,” he said.

In his own words, he believes that God love South Sudanese and that is why he gave us such a rich nation like South Sudan.

“South Sudan was given to South Sudanese by God and it is now the responsibility of every South Sudanese to chart the course of this young nation forward.

We should use this to demonstrate to our leaders and people that if we put aside our personal  differences and agree to come together as one people, we are going to have everlasting joy and happiness in this beautiful nation”, he added.

Pastor Frank continues to encourage South Sudanese to remain positive especially about how they represent their views about the country.

“We should not use words that tear down and weaken the nation, rather choose words that bless the nation.

If everyone would woke up in the morning and say “South Sudan is blessed,” we will be amazed by high-paced development, peace and prosperity that will multiply in this young nation,” Pastor Frank revealed.

He says their duty as the members of Christ Embassy in South Sudan is to see peace prevailing in this beautiful nation.

“I appreciate Rev. Chris Oyakilome for the love he has bestowed upon us for the gift of the Rhapsody of Realities.

This great book has the ability to change people’s lives and has the capacity to give young people a new outlook on life,” he said.

In May this year the members of Christ Embassy through Chris Oyakilome Foundation International (COFI) visited South Sudan and distributed relief services such as food items and free medical care to over 2,899 families of the Mangaten IDP camp and also provided specialized training to traffic police on trauma care and emergency response skills required to attend to accident casualties.

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