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Light tinted cars back on roads

A tinted imported Japanese Toyota Town ace Noah (file photo):

By Kitab A Uango

The national traffic police have issued an administrative order allowing the previously banned cars imported with rear tinted glasses.

The banning of tinted cars was a measure to minimize heightened crimes such as abduction and raping of women and girls believed to have been committed using cars with tinted glasses.

According to the order issued on Wednesday signed by the Director-General of Traffic Police, Maj. Gen. Kon John Akot, traffic police and other security organs were directed to allow free movement of cars with light tinted rear glasses.

“This serves to inform all traffic officers and noncommissioned officers at different locations, including other security organs, please you are directed not to arrest any light and the rear tinted glasses vehicles, those cars which came from Japan with behind tinted glass should not be arrested except the very dark tinted in all its glasses,” the order read in part.

The order again provided for freeing the like cars already in detention to their owners.

“All the cars arrested for behind tinted glasses should be released to the owners. Please treat this with immediate effect,” the order continued.

According to some people who spoke to Juba Monitor on condition of anonymity, cars with tinted glasses had eased criminal activities in Juba.

One of them mentioned that last month a strangled dead man was found damped near the First Vice President Office’s, which he said might have been done by owners of tinted cars.

“Some tinted cars’ owners have been using their cars for committing crimes in Juba. They kidnap people especially women and rape them or kill them. Last month, they kidnapped someone and strangled him and damped his dead body near the Office of the First Vice President,” he claimed.

A senior government official also said a lady cut into pieces was found damped in a stream at Atlabara residential area.

“These cars with tinted glasses are behind so many crimes in Juba. Imagine, last time they cut a lady into pieces and threw her in a steam near Tombura Bridge. I think, they killed her somewhere and damped her there using tinted car,” the source said.






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