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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

I was touched with reports that the top student of the recently announce South Sudan Secondary Certificate of Education, Joseph Obwany needs help from the government and well-wishers to join university and meet his lifetime dream of studying medicine.This young man made it to the top even though there were many challenges facing the country including economic slump down and the raging coronavirus pandemic. Like many others Obwany is facing financial difficulties. It is fortunate that while others are shying away, he has come out in the open to appeal for help which is a noble cause for a young man with ambitious dream and who is preparing to get involved in the future development of the country.This is a humble request with a noble touch it should not be ignored so that the young man is able to join the institution of higher learning. Many youth with bright future have fallen out of schools because of lack of finance. Would it be possible for the government to put in place a scheme where such students are assisted to complete their education through all possible means. It would encourage many others who are unable to meet their desired obligations. If this kind of scheme is mooted and became operational teachers should be in the forefront in identifying bright students who might be forced out of schools due to financial handicap and place their name or requirements before the results of the exams are out for any eventual assistance and placing. No child should be denied or miss education because of lack of fees. There is nothing that can be better than education. For Joseph, be patient and trust in the almighty that everything would turn-out to be okay despite the challenges you should not be discouraged because there are good people out there who surely would come to your assistance possibly very soon. It is on record thatwhen you feel passionate about something, you want to immerse yourself in that topic. Education gives you the space to do so. In addition,you may find new passions, or new areas of interest within your field of study.

Sense of Accomplishment

Finishing any degree — whether it is a high school degree or higher education — is an accomplishment. Graduating gives students a huge sense of accomplishment and gives them the confidence needed to go out into the world and make something of themselves. Personal Development of Skills

 Students are required to go through many types of assignments, discussions, courses, and more during their time in education. Therefore, they end up with a wonderful skill set that translates into the workforce.

In addition, from extracurricular, students learn arts, sports, and more that help them personally in life and to connect with other benefits too. When you look at income research, the evidence is clear that college graduates make much more than their high school degree counterparts. College grads tend to be healthier as well, with lower risk of heart disease, tendency towards healthy eating and exercise, smoke less and live longer. College graduates also tend to have higher rates of participation in political and community affairs, volunteerism and charitable donations.

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