Light for the World organizes a match for blind persons

By Lodu William Odiya

Light for the World has organized a football match for the blinds in the country on Thursday at Dr. Biar Sport complex with the aim of exposing the talent to their visitor from Austria.

Light for the World is an International disability and development organization aiming at an inclusive society.

Speaking to the media, Palakov Sameer, the representative of Light for the World from Austria witnessed the game and said that he was convinced before his arrival to South Sudan by the pictures and the footages for the South Sudan Blind football team.

“I am here for a week and I have seen the footage and the pictures that is really great to officiate in person”, he said.

He urged people to keep on promoting and encouraged the players to maintain and develop their talents.

“You need to look beyond to the disability. Everybody has a talent and everybody is created by God. For somebody to show the talent, you need to give the opportunity for its discovery. People with disabilities are in the lead. We see them not as beneficiaries but rather the people who can change the world,” said Sameer.

He stated that Sport is one of the means for people to build their confidents and empower their own fitness.

 Sameer urged South Sudan government to support blinds football in the country as it can give opportunity for the blind football national team to further their effort for international matches.

“They are really standing to do better and better so I would really ask the people of course, the government to support teams like this. Maybe one day they can play at Paralympic champion and be a winner,” he said.

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