Life’s meaning hangs by a thread

By: Ngor Khot Garang

Many people, I mean all the South Sudanese who have been and are still going through tough times best understand the optical illusion produced by tears.  It is true that almost the whole population of South Sudan is crying and it sometimes feels like when we look up to heaven with piercing gazes, the God that we seek to see to dry our tears hides himself from our eyes.

We only see the sky falling upon us gently.  Is there something to live for?  That is the question on the lips of many people most of the time, including me.  We cry out “our God, our Jesus Christ who died for our sins, where are you?  We want you this time or have you forsaken us?” But our words don’t reach his ears and the challenge keeps deepening.

The mother earth is no longer as friendly as it used to be. The rich land is abandoned.  The once green grass has caught fire.   The tears mingled with blood is what you can see in people’s eyes.  People die and it is the father not the child who dig the grave. Graves marked by crosses covered almost half of the once beautiful land.   Death hovers everywhere every day, snatching people every minute and leaving few among the living to mourn.

As Christmas nears and many people wish to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, thousands in the most darkest corners of this country  are preparing flowers to visit  the cemetery to pray for the lost ones, some of whom died of preventable diseases,  suicide and those who were unlucky during the war.

There is no happiness and neither is there any reason to be happy when all we go through is pain from morning till sunset. When children with great potential end up on streets.  People who fell down due to hunger strike lay dead where they fell. Women and children with tears in their eyes go down on their knees to pray and to ask for help in their desperate plight but no help is on sight. Even God seems many distance away. We believe in the sun that never rises and no matter how hard we work every day, no sign of hope appears ahead of us.

Our questions have never been answered from the day darkness engulfed everything.  There are people down there, I mean the people who are questioning God why He squeezing hope out of his children even when He knows that the time is not yet ripe. The strength to carry on is a burden and many want to get rid of it but few keep pushing on knowing that God is there even when He can’t be felt.

I suggest that is the best way to go. Who knows what is ahead of us?  We should be strong when you spend days without seeing food in the house, we have to bear with it.  It wasn’t anyone’s fault but a problem our protagonists subjected the country to. They are to blame for almost everything.  And it is their ultimate duty to fix what was broken, restore hope and grow the little left.

The writer is a high school student.

He can be reached via Email: ngorjacob7@gmail.com or tell:


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