Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

The truth is that one’s life can be transformed overnight Many people have in most cases doubted and given up their would be chances for open-up luck. Some give up while they have not even attempted to try their hands just because they have been discouraged by nature or the world of negativity. I am sure that some philosophy of human nature need to be put in place to encourage the masses, particularly, the youth. By sharing this l want to share with my readers one of the best philosophy of nature that can only be you and you alone as elaborated by one of my loving nephew when we were engaged in a heart to heart discussions over what life is all about for a positive living mind. I am not that old but the truth is despite my age, I’m old enough to confess that life is indeed a mystery. I’ve seen a landlord becoming a tenant before his death. I’ve seen owner of a ‘Benz’ pedalling a bicycle. I know a student who became the headmaster in his former school with most of those who taught him still teaching. I have seen once rejected boy becoming the bread winner for a whole community. A once sought-after lady begging a young guy half her age to date her. A victor becoming a victim. A driver’s conductor buying a car for his master. A borrower recruiting the credit manager. In life, no one knows tomorrow & you can never trust life, because its mysterious. Never ever forget, U may not know the full story, don’t be quick to judge, every coin has two sides. Treat everyone in your life fairly like your own & love as much as you live. So let us be kind, love more & do not try to be smart in our own eyes; for we do not know what tomorrow holds for us. Let us put God to be the centre of our lives. The narration is very simple but few individuals are practicing the same. There are those who gave up long time ago and cannot find such a chance again in life. This is why it is important to do what one can do now. I have always told my peers young sand old that the best time to do what you can is when you still have that strength that could make you move mountains to the seashore. It is considered a dream but there is nothing impossible if one is determined to do what one want in life. The obstacles that can prevent you reaching your goal is you and yourself. The African narrative by Nelson Mandela the day he conquered America was “your enemy is not my enemy” and another saying is that “never trust a person who can clear their conscience of any immoral act by asking forgiveness from their imaginary friend”.

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