Life starts with what you have

By Jovanto Aleu Garang

Life is a journey that starts once a person is born. It is a fundamental fact that a person can either be in good life or bad. Only people with white-collar jobs can define what life is. I realized that life itself teaches human beings life. Children of South Sudanese are really in danger. This generation is poorly without proper caution and upbringing. Parents have no plan about their children whom they are producing. They are ever in situations that are from hand to mouth.

Who will drive out this big rock in their lives? It calls for a collective effort from all citizens including reigning parties. Problems would not get finished even though rulers were from the same dynasty. Obedience is required from both working and non working classes in order to cement the foundation of development in the country. Youths are the future of this country.

The environment itself is an elocution that you need to stretch out your two hands to gain something for survival. There will be a moment that leaders will emancipate the truth. It is eminently suitable for you to stick onto what you have currently at hand. Majority of the people in the world have sounded and achieved their goals because of putting their best into what they had at hand. Let us look at the footballers in Europe, others are even from Africa but they are making money more than degree holders and professionals from the institutions. Some artists are better in financial status than some working members.

The current president of United States of America Donald trump was operating the small business of buying land; constructing it and giving for rent which finally made him the president today.

The best athletes are being taken care of by the governments. The comedians are maintaining their lives on lies and entertaining people. They are building nice houses just from the little money you give to them. Compare yourself with the other people you know around and you will be in the track of competition with them.

Remain astute in all conditions and die on the track of putting all your effort into what you do.  Have a desire of developing your talents and career in every single step of your life and within a couple of years you will really understand what the life wants. Stop complaining that there is no job; a fair of hands working makes the life easy. Everything is centralized in brain and hardworking hands. There are only two options either being in office or in the field operating the office duties through your hands. You cannot climb a ladder from up but on the stairs until last point.

Success starts with what you have at hand even God when He blessed Abraham; Abraham was a man of faith. Joseph was a dream interpreter. Never blame your background or others for the problem you are facing that is too late. It will be like you are telling the history of thousand years back which has got nothing to do with the current situations. Stand up in army and work melodiously towards your future. You May have been born accidentally but you were not a Devine accident from God.

Stop belittling yourself; you are a great asset to yourself. You are having yourself with time at hand do something. You are left with limited time in life if you want to go far. You cannot change when there is no desire. Have a much desire in somebody you want to be and commence imitating. You cannot change yesterday but you change tomorrow that will enhance your living standard. Life is all about your thoughts; mold your future into standard financial status. It is all about talking to yourself but not complaining, blames, stealing and being idle. How long have you been doing these yet you are not prospering? Apparently, without principles you will never achieve your goals.

The writer is reachable via email: jovantogarang@gmail.com  or mobile contact: 0911333331.


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